Radiation from Wireless Technology: a Global pollution and Health hazard or Revolution

Radiation from Wireless Technology: a Global pollution and Health hazard or Revolution

“The Non Ionizing radiation from Wireless technology: A 21 Century Revolution or a Global pollution and Health hazard”

Wireless technology is fast evolving whilst potential health Impacts of the emitted non-ionizing radiation ((Electromagnetic Fields/Radiofrequencies) include carcinogenicity (class 2b IARC 2011), developmental neurotoxicity, effects on DNA, on fertility, hypersensitivity and other serious effects well documented in peer-reviewed studies. What is the present level of documented scientific evidence? How children, in particular, are affected? How humanity can get the maximum benefits of this technology in harmony with Health and Environmental protection? It is clear responsibility of the scientific community to communicate the state of the art of serious risks so that science-based policies, preventive actions, and new safety standards can be promoted. The aim of this session is to cover holistically many different aspects of the problem by gathering knowledge and expertise from physicians, public health specialists, epidemiologists, toxicologists, chemists, radiation experts, engineers and environmental scientists in the following scientific areas:

  1. Human Exposure and Health Adverse Effects- Vulnerability of Children, and risks for future generations
  2. Environmental impact in other forms of life in the planet and the ecosystem.
  3. Potential synergies with toxic chemicals
  4. Hazards from closed related new emerging technologies e.g 5G 
  5. Prevention, International Policies, Guidelines and Actions for Public Health


Dr Stella Canna Michaelidou, Expert on Environment and Health, President of the Cyprus Committee on Children’s Environment and Health, Cyprus, (stellacm@spidernet.com.cy)

Dr Piero Lercher, responsible on Environmental Health at the Vienna Doctor’s Chamber, specialist in preventive, occupational and environmental medicine, Austria, (piero.lercher@meduniwien.ac.at)

Dr. Theodore P. Metsis, Dipl. Eng., M.Sc.(Eng.), Ph.D. Electrical, Mechanical, Environmental Engineer, Electro smog, (theodoremetsis@yahoo.com)