Agroforestry, Forest and Agricultural Sustainability

Agroforestry, Forest and Agricultural Sustainability

Agroforestry and forest plantations are one of the best options to increase farming systems resilience as both increases the proportion of woody perennials in agriculture. Better knowledge about woody perennials and herbaceous vegetation ecology will allow to better choose the specific varieties and species that are more compatible when they grow up to increase biomass production. Farm resilience against climate extreme events is also increased by the adequate positioning of woody perennials at landscape level. Farm resilience against market prices variations is improved by the multiple-production derived from agroforestry systems.

We welcome in this session abstracts that show the opportunity of integrating woody components at plot, farm and landscape level to improve agricultural productivity by enhancing the ecological traits based on biodiversity to increase farm resilience including livestock farms. Market resilience improvement papers based on biodiversity will be also welcome.


Dr MarĂ­a Rosa Mosquera-Losada, of University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain (

Dr Anastasia Pantera, University of Applied Sciences of Central Greece (