Workshop on non-ionizing radiation from wireless technology

Organization of a special thematic Workshop “The Non Ionizing radiation from Wireless technology: A 21 Century Revolution or a Global pollution and Health hazard”. Click here to download the agenda

We have the pleasure and honor to invite you to the special thematic Workshop organized on 5th of September, 15:00-19:00, in the framework of the 16th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (CEST2019) from 4 to 7 September in Rhodes.

The aim of this thematic Workshop is to inform the scientific world about the "state of the art" of a complex issue of public health and environment of universal scope that causes scientific controversy and a real challenge especially for the medical world. The scientific evidence of severe health effects from the geometrically increasing exposure of the entire population, and in particular children, to, among others, possibly carcinogenic radiation (IARC 2011), is constantly emerging. Experts in the field, medical doctors and other scientists will analyze/evaluate scientific data by 2019. They will address open questions about heath impacts in the long term, with focus on cancer, neurological effects especially on the brain, effects on DNA, reproductive system, and related mechanisms of this largely uncontrolled technology. Fetus and childhood till adolescence will be in focus, due to their special vulnerability and increased exposure.

Moderators of the session are Dr. Stella Canna Mihaelidou, Chair of the Cyprus Committee for the Environment and Children’s Health, Expert on Health and Environment, Dr. Piero Lercher, responsible for Environmental Health at the Vienna Doctor's Chamber, a specialist in preventive, occupational and environmental medicine, and Dr Theodoros Metsis Mechanical Engineer Electrical and Environmental expert in electrosmoke. The Research Director at Ramazzini Institute's Cancer Center, Dr Fiorella Belpoggi, is expected to present her recent research, which is crucial for the re-evaluation of EMF/RF from carcinogen 2B to 2A up to class 1 human carcinogen. At the end, good practices will be presented on how to reduce home and school exposure. Supporting material will be distributed. The agenda of the session is attached. If you wish to have a few minutes intervention please inform us by 20/7/2019.

CEST Organizing Committee has decided to apply a special registration fee of 100 Euros for attending the workshop. Certificates of participation will be given to all the workshop delegates. Please contact us at to register. The payment of the fees can be competed by bank transfer. Please ensure that transfer fees are paid by you as the “sender”; do not select “shared” fees or fees paid by the “beneficiary” or “recipient” in order that we receive the full amount. Payments are accepted in Euros (EUR). Please indicate your name and CEST2019 while proceeding with the bank transfer. Bank details are as follows:

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