Title: Seawater and Brackish water desalination- Recent progress in growing issues.

Desalination of seawater appears as the perfect mean to ensure the supply of fresh water in many regions of the world and so some countries of the Mediterranean region. They will likely face dramatic changes in the availability of water, the quality of water and the regulation of the use and disposal of water.

Thermal desalination and membrane desalination are two most familiar ways and the future could depend on the technique based on cost and environmental concerns. Common problems facing desalination is the fossil fuel power required to run both of them so moving to renewable energy to save the environment has to be a stringent global transition. Membrane desalination, as a lower energy consumer, will be the nearest feasible way to secure freshwater resource and share in limiting global warming. Because of beneficial technological development, reverse osmosis (RO) is the most appropriate way for water desalination. Membrane separations have many competitive advantages. However, they are faced with a major weakness due to solute accumulation at the membrane vicinity as emerging foulants organic, inorganic and colloidal ones. Prevention of corrosion-related failures in desalination plants is one of the operational problems which might have reasonable solutions. Recent innovations in desalination technology especially in developing new feedstock for power generation aims to provide alternatives for clean water production. Desalination brines; emerging highly polluting waste stream, scientists aim to demonstrate new processes to recover salts, harvest heavy metals, and sure recover energy.

This session will present recent advances and innovations in desalination processes, especially focusing on cost-effective membrane production, developments in thermal desalination, desalination brines eco-friendlier treatment process. Special topics include:

  • Innovative Pretreatment systems for desalination.
  • TFC, and TFN membranes,
  • Spiral wound and Hollow fibers membranes.
  • Desalination brines and energy recovery.
  • Recent advances in developing membrane distillation, or Capacitive deionization (CDI), or electrochemical processes for desalination brines treatment.
  • Innovative disinfection for biofouling control in RO-membranes.
  • Zero Liquid discharge from seawater desalination plants.
  • Modified membranes with nanomaterials for desalination brines.