Environmental data analysis and modelling -POSTER SESSION

[CEST2019_00216] The integration of three field survey datasets in Athens, Greece: transformation of five-point to seven-point thermal sensation scale
by Pantavou K., Lykoudis S., Delibasis K.K., Tseliou A., Koletsis I., Nikolopoulou M., Tsiros I.X.

The integration of the datasets from three different field surveys on thermal sensation conducted at eight different sites of the area of Athens, Greece was examined. All three surveys were carried out with similar methodologies so data integration can be considered meaningful. The surveys included micrometeorological measurements and questionnaire-based interviews during different seasons focusing on human thermal sensation. The participants self-reported their thermal sensation classified in predetermined classes, i.e. very cold, cold, cool, neither cool nor warm, warm, hot, very hot.

Poster presentation in Environmental data analysis and modelling -POSTER SESSION