Environmental odour, monitoring and control

Environmental odour, monitoring and control

The environmental odour is one of the most growing issues to be resolved for both current and next generations. Odours have become a priority concern for facility operators, engineers and urban planners who deal with solid waste, wastewater and industrial treatment plants.

The objective of this special session is to gather environmental engineers, environmental chemists and managers to discuss this topic and answer to questions such as:

  • odour characterization and exposure effects;
  • instruments and methods for sampling and measurement;
  • strategies for odour control;
  • dispersion modelling for odour exposure assessment;
  • odour regulations and policies;
  • procedures for odour impact assessment.



Dr Vincenzo Naddeo, University of Salerno (vnaddeo@unisa.it)

Dr. -ing. Tiziano ZARRA, University of Salerno (tzarra@unisa.it) 

Prof Takaya Higuchi, Yamaguchi University (takaya@yamaguchi-u.ac.jp)