Environmental odour, monitoring and control-POSTER SESSION

Odours discharged from various human activities may cause severe damage to local residents. Odour intensity is one of main odour characterization parameters. For ordinary environmental odour monitoring by neighborhood and routine odour management at emission sources, reliable and user-friendly sensory odour intensity scale even for inexperienced assessors is desired. In this study, four odour intensity scales, including conventional six-point scale, 1-butanol reference scale, line segment scale and metronome scale, were applied to odour intensity measurement of 1-butanol and ethyl acetate solutions by inexperienced assessors. As a result, the line segment scale seemed to be the most appropriate for discriminating odour intensity. On the other hand, the improvement of the odour intensity evaluation procedure using metronome scale was thought to be necessary.

Poster presentation in Environmental odour, monitoring and control-POSTER SESSION