Dr Theodore Metsis


Dr Theodore Metsis

Member of the European Bioelectromagnetics Association


Dr. Theodore P. Metsis, received his Doctorate Degree in 1973 from the University of Manchester UK and a Master’s Degree from the same University in 1970. He graduated earlier from Hertfordshire University, UK in 1969. He worked in various high posts in France, UK, Greece and the Middle East since 1969.

Dr. Metsis a Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental Engineer has expertise in applying synergies of a wide range of skills, ideas and solutions reaching to sustainable results. His objectives are to reform buildings with state of the art engineering to "healthy building" conditions, bringing active, passive and hygiene components in functional harmony. Special fields of interest are buildings with low EMR and reduced "dirty electricity" leading to a "Safe - healthy Home" and radiation-free living. He deals with special training and education activities in relation to human health exposure both at leisure and work.   Author of the book “The Radiation of Technology” ISBN 978-960-93-7807-9 /2016, has just completed a new book  with the title “Playing games with your health” to be printed in Dec 2018

Dr. Metsis delivered many speeches in the Middle East on Low carbon / healthy buildings and written articles in the daily press in the Middle East. He was the organizer / key speaker at the Athens Medical Association seminar in 2017 with the title “Health Impact of Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic radiation”. He has participated as a key speaker at the Seminar organized by the Olympia and Pyrgos Medical Association in June 2017. In Nov. 2017 he delivered a speech at the Nicosia International Scientific Seminar, organized by the “Pan Cyprian Medical Association” and the “Cyprus National Committee of the environment and Children’s Health” and had the title “The Impact of Non-Ionizing Radiation on Health, A Myth or an emerging Medical Challenge”.

He has supported international Appeals such as the “5G EU Appeal” 2017, the “Reykjavik Appeal on Wireless Technology on Schools” 2018, “The EMF Call for truly protective limits” 2018, etc.

He is currently involved in continuous fieldwork evaluating and recording environmental toxicity vs health impacts in high radiation town sectors.