Prof Ange Nzihou


Prof Ange Nzihou

Director of the Research Centre for Particulate Solids, Energy and Environment (RAPSODEE – CNRS)


Title of the speech: Metal species influence on the pyrogasification efficiency and products yield

Prof. Ange NZIHOU is Director of the Research Centre for Particulate Solids, Energy and Environment (RAPSODEE – CNRS) at the IMT Mines Albi-Carmaux (France). He is a Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering since 2012.

Since 2000, he has developed outstanding expertise in research fields such as Energy and added value materials from Biomass and Waste; Elaboration, functionalisation phosphate based composites / hybrid materials (sorbents, fertilizers, catalysts, energy carriers, sensors) for energy, agriculture  and depollution (liquid, gas, solid phases); Thermochemical  processes (pyrolysis, gasification, reforming) for biochar, bioash and energy production; The behavior of pollutants such as heavy metals and aerosols (fine particles) and Kinetics and transfer phenomena are among its field of expertise.

Through these research and industrial projects, he has supervised 32 PhDs (21 graduated already, 10 co-advised with colleagues from top universities in USA, Canada, Ireland, China and India), 12 post-docs, published 120 papers in peer reviewed journals, 4 world patents (2 scaled-up at industrial level), 33 invited plenary and keynote lectures in international conferences, published about 170 proceedings papers at national and international conferences. He has chaired and co-chaired 10 conferences and 2 international summer schools.  He has obtained about 5.3 M€ of research grants over the 20 last years. He is chair and principal Investigator of joint Laboratories with industry: Solvay (Belgium) (2002-) and  Terreal (France) (2014-2019).

He is Visiting Professor at Princeton University (USA), University College of Dublin (Ireland) and Zheijang University (China). He is the Editor-in-Chief of the peer reviewed journal “Waste and Biomass Valorization” ( journal/12649), and the founding Chair of the WasteEng Conference Series dedicated to the organisation of conferences and seminars on Waste and Biomass Valorisation ( since 2005. He is currently editing a Handbook on characterisation of biomass, biowaste and related by-products (Springer) to be published in December 2018.

He obtained some International and National significant scientific recognitions and awards such as the Grand Prix 2018 of the Academy of Sciences (France) in association with IMT (Institut Mines-Télécom) for his outstanding contribution in science and technology of Energy transition. He was also awarded with the Erudite Professor of the Mahatma Ghandi University (India) in 2018.